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History of the Original UDC Brooksville Chapter 71
And the Betty Lykes Stringer Chapter 2407

The original UDC Brooksville Chapter #71 was the 4th to be organized in the state of Florida. It was active from 1896 to 1919. One of its charter members, Mrs. Sheldon (Betty Lykes) Stringer, became the 5th President of the Florida Division in May, 1905. She died on November 25, 1906. In 1919, the Brooksville Chapter changed its name to Betty Lykes Stinger in honor of her memory. The Chapter disbanded in 1942.

The Chapter’s organization of its Children of the Confederacy chapter occurred around May, 1910, and Chapter #71 was active more of less for the next 15 years. Enrollment in the Chapter varied from a high of 82 in 1925 to a low of 14 in 1940.  

By 1927, all unmarked Confederate Veterans’ graves in Hernando County had markers placed on them.

The Chapter underwent hard times in the days of the Great Depression of the 1930’s. Chapter reports faltered, membership declined drastically and there was no money for per capita dues. No report was filed in 1941. In 1942, a note was sent to the Division Convention that no meetings were held…So ended one of the oldest chapters in Florida after an active life span of approximately 45 years.

When the original Chapter #71 disbanded, Mrs. A.F. Burns, a charter member of the Chapter, had in her possession two Confederate Battle Flags used that the Chapter meeting and a few of C of C certificates and membership papers. After her death, her daughter, Mrs. Audry Crippens gave Mrs. Raymond Care (Jessie Mae) Hatfield these items of safekeeping. Mrs. Hatfield donated these items to the new Betty Lykes Stringer Chapter #2407 when it was activated. To these ladies, our Chapter will be forever grateful. 

Betty Lykes Stringer Chapter #2407 was organized and chartered August 13, 1976, with charter membership of 12. Its activation was due to the devotion and untiring efforts of Mrs. Ira W. (Alma) McCollum and Mrs. Christian H. (Evalyn) Jensen. The Traville Beville Chapter, Bushnell, Florida, sponsored the Chapter.

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​Ms Judy Adkins

​​​Vice President
​Anne Coots Brown (Mrs. Joseph Sr.)

2nd Vice President  
Juanita Daugherty 

3rd Vice President
Mrs. K. Mason

Recording Secretary 
Ms. Webster 

Mrs. Barbara Shoff 

Ms Bell

Iris Kleintop

Recorder of the Crosses 
Mrs. Charlotte Hypes 

Sue Cook

Our Confederate Ancestors

Armstrong, John G. -TN
Baker, Thadeus Lafayette -Co I, Reg 9 -FL
Beasley, Asa - AL
Beasley, James - AL
Bethune, William Calvin - Co. D 57th Inf.-AL
Beverly, Daniel G. - Co A, 45th Inf Rgt – AL
Beverly, William Norman - AL
Boyette, John Ancram - Co. B, 51st NC Troops
Daniel, George W -Co G 19th Reg. Inf-GA
Doggett, Thomas - Co H, 54th Inf. Reg.- GA
Ham, George Shepherd –Co D, 51st Reg. Alabama Calvary
Harkey, Milas -Co C, 40th Reg-NC
Harper, Joseph W. Sebisco -Co F, 50th Inf-GA
Hedick, James Melville -L.G. Lesley Reg. Vol. Mounted Calvary, FL
Hendry, Frances Asbury -Hendry’s Co, 1st Battalion-VA
Holbrook Solomon Milam - 3rd Lt, Williams Reg. & Gen. Joe Shelby's Cavalry, Missouri
Jeffries, Bolin S. - Terrell Light Artillery-Capt. Brook's Co.-GA
Jeffries, William (W.R.) - Terrell Light Artillery-Capt. Brook's Co.-GA
Jenkins, Perry - GA Vol
Joyce, John David - Co.H, 9th Inf. GA
Kirkland, Robert S. - Co. G, Reg 21, VA
Mathews, David - Co. C. 6th Reg., GA
Mason, Camilus A. 
Mills, Hugh Washington - Cobb Legion-GA
Moat, Isaac M. - Co. H Reg 8th Inf., Columbia Co, FL
Redding, James David -GA
Snider, Lewis Wesley - Co K, 44th Inf. Reg – NC
Snow, Joseph Russell - SC Calvary, Reg–Rutlege & Camptucket, Co F
Whiteaker, William Clayborne - 4th Missouri Battery Doncan Co., Missouri

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